Kufner Yachts

Kufner Yachts are built with extreme care and in semi-custom mode, in order to offer great liveability and unsuspected sailing performance. The shipyard was originally established to satisfy its internal demand for charter boats, which it builds without skimbing on quality standards, and then developed over the years with the creation of sailboats which quickly conquered the market.

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Care, professionalism, quality and reliability. These are the four cardinal points that have always guided Kufner Yachts, the Croatian shipyard which, at its headquarters in Kastela, near Split, has been building top level sailing boats for another twelve years.

The mission of the Kufner Yachts shipyard is to realize the dreams of those demanding and attentive owners, constantly looking for a boat that fully meets their needs, starting from a high level of construction, as well as high standards in terms of comfort and edge.

This is why the boats by Kufner Yachts are synonymous with attention to detail: from great habitability to respectable sailing performance, each sailboat built by the yard represents an intelligent choice.

The boats are built, with materials of the highest level, in semi-custom mode and reflect the wishes, both aesthetic and functional, of each individual owner.

Choosing Kufner Yachts means treating yourself to a sailboat worthy of its name, characterized by a decidedly interesting quality / price ratio.


Kufner Yachts substantially derives its origin from the internal demand for charter boats, which the yard creates in order to have a rental fleet destined to last over time, therefore built without sacrificing high quality standards.

The success of these sailing boats, so beautiful and well built, naturally leads the shipyard to grow and extend its range of action to owners from all over Europe who, satisfied by the excellent level of performance and fine finishes, contribute to the international success of Kufner Yachts.

A twelve-year history, studded with successes that take the name of the boats in the current fleet: Kufner 54, Kufner 50 and a great novelty that will soon be unveiled: the new Kufner 38.