Grand Soleil

The history of Cantiere del Pardo began in Bologna in 1973. Their ambitious objective was to produce regatta boats that combined the best possible performance with elegant and innovative design. Today’s Grand Soleil’s timeless style with over 40 years of history have left its mark on a fundamental chapter in the history of modern sailing. For years, Cantiere del Pardo has been creating yachts with care and passion, each one unique, thus establishing the company as one of the top producers worldwide. Because the Cantiere del Pardo yachts are an icon of ‘made in Italy’ style.

How to reach Grand Soleil

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Grand Soleil: more than 40 years of history

Where heart and passion are blended with technology and style: the best of “Made in Italy”. For over 40 years Cantiere del Pardo has been one of the most prestigious and highly regarded brands producing stylish, high performance, quality and comfortable sailing yachts.

The Yard

Since 1973, when it was founded, Cantiere del Pardo has produced more than 4.500 boats. It occupies a covered 40.000 square meter surface and is split into three macro-departments: millwork, using cutting-edge technology and processes; carpentry, based on tradition and the manual skills of its work force; and assembly, where everything is put together carefully up to final testing in the large test tank.


Grand Soleil Construction

The hull and deck are made of sandwich with biaxial and unidirectional fiberglass impregnated with Epoxy- vinylester resin. All hulls are strengthened by composite frame of carbon and GRP structure, optimizing rigidity and strength while keeping weight down.

Technology and Elegance

Under its elegant exterior a Grand Soleil hides an internal build structure created with the most modern technologies available. Everything starts in the prototype department where innovative solutions are studied and materials are put through severe resistance tests.

High Quality Materials

A refined design meets high quality materials for a top class combination. Each component part is selected amongst the best brands and is subject to intense processing cycles.

Details of Style

A careful choice of wood and obsessive care over details, makes the Grand Soleil interior a masterpiece “Made in Italy” for quality, use and design.

Tested for Great Performances

Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics scientific research are used for the development of hull shapes, sail plan and keels by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. All parts such as engine and thrusters are tested in the water tank to ensure functionality and that the boat is watertight using high pressure water jets.