Ryck Yachts

 Welcome to RYCK — the new, cool boat brand from Germany! We are different, we are stylish, fast, and safe. And we build boats that are easy to use and really suit you. The shipyard behind the RYCK brand — HanseYachts AG — vouches for the highest quality.

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The New Brand of HanseYachts AG

First impressions matter. Not just on a first date, but also when it comes to buying a boat. The design has to be right. That’s why we engaged the renowned yacht designer Bill Dixon to develop the open RYCK 280, alongside Hanse’s own in-house development team. The result is styling that will touch everyone. The reverse bow alone signals dynamism and sportiness, supported by the windscreen and the black T-top, which shades the stylish helm station. From here, the RYCK 280 is operated via touchscreen controls. Aft, in the large step less cockpit, the open boat offers enough space for anglers, divers, and water skiers to store and deploy their gear or — in a different layout — for families and friends to relax and sunbathe. Below deck is a luxurious, light-flooded cabin with a veritable wet room, wardrobe and a double bed. Here, the raised foredeck creates a sense of space and volume. It makes the RYCK 280 a fully-fledged weekender, ready for wonderful two- or three-day trips. By the way, you can visit any cruising ground you like, because the RYCK 280 is trailerable and can follow you wherever you want to enjoy your next break.


Whatever you plan to do with your RYCK, there is a suitable layout for you. Each boat is tailored to the owner, so you can determine every necessary detail in advance. In order to make the selection process a bit easier, we have developed six configurations for the RYCK 280 suited to different activities: SPEED & PERFORMANCE, CRUISE & SWIM, DIVE & CLIMB, FISH & BARBECUE, TRIPS & WEEKEND and SURF & FUN. It means that the broad capabilities of a RYCK run from an adrenaline-charged diving trip to offshore fishing or a cosy weekend in the bay. No matter how you use your RYCK 280, there is a solution for every owner. Of course, all our features can also be freely combined. There’s only one RYCK 280 like this: yours.


Get a boat with a fixed configuration that makes compromise a thing of the past — at least if you opt for a RYCK. It can be customised to such a degree that the boat fits you like a glove, reflecting your needs perfectly. It’s a possibility normally only available in the luxury sector. How is it possible? Easy. With our RYCK 3D configurator online, you can not only select the layout that suits your lifestyle, but also your desired colours and materials. Browse the options list and choose exactly the details, devices and features that you need to create your highly individual RYCK 280. Your exact order is built — just as it works in the automotive world. Except, of course, that driving a RYCK 280 is much more exciting.