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RIO YACHTS produce boats since 1961 and now it is positioned in the high-end market with boats from 10 to 20 meters long: creates contemporary yachts, innovative, attention to detail for the discerning guest, cultured and refined.

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                               RIO YACHTS,  60 YEARS OF ITALIAN HISTORY

A yard always protagonist of the made in Italy and innovation, constantly evolving: here’s RIO YACHTS.

Producing boats since 1961, then in the early days of the nautical, and now it is positioned in the high-end market with boats from 10 to 20 meters long: creates contemporary yachts, innovative, attention to detail for the discerning guest, cultured and refined.

RIO YACHTS ensures to ship-owner consistency, reliability and professionalism: added value in an mature market, globalized and fragmented where they often lose the spirit of yachting. The Headquarter is located in the province of Bergamo, with offices and shipping center, but RIO YACHTS boasts its own factory specializing in the development of the prototypes in the province of Parma and a showroom in Naples.

In recent years the production has become more and more artisanal: each piece comes out of the yard with its own uniqueness, offering the customer a high degree of customization difficult to find in other realities

To RIO is a long and authentic history, rich in innovations, always in a protagonist role.”



Those extraordinary 60’s: life scenarios and “dolce vita” playing on air along with the background music of the English folk bands across the Channel, fashion designers launching mini cars and mini-skirts, non-conventional models and the beat generation born on the road …. Following the echo of the economic boom, great dreams are shaping up.
On their honeymoon on the French Riviera the young entrepreneur Luigi Scarani and his wife Anna see boats, visit harbours, returning home with a project: setting up family and shop (shipyard) on the banks of the Sebino lake. The intuition is correct: it’s the right time to dare! If it’s true that wisdom comes with age, proof is within RIO’s brand which was born along with the nautical concept.
“Avionautica Rio” was then founded in 1961: building gliders and beautiful motorboats in mahogany with Chris Craft and Rolls-Royce engines along with striking names such as Colorado, Paranà, Bonito, Espera.


In the 70’s the shipyard, already a household name, perceives before others “a boat for all”, deciding to change from handcraft made to industrial, thus creating the boat in ABS, plastic heat-formed material. With a joint co-operation with Anic – Eni, an innovation and a success. Research and innovation continued with the launch of the first Jet, with co-operation from Piaggio. Among others , RIO 310 is born: a symbol of an era change, with more than 50.000 models produced.


In the following decade the shipyard RIO, opens branches in Spain, and in France, developing the division “work boats”, with over 200 patrol vessels supplying the Italian Carabinieri armed forces, by completing a shipyard’s concept at 360°.


RIO open new branch, in order to support the national offices branches to cure the direct relationship with the customer.

These are Rio 12.90 and Rio 16.90 years… the first hard top, at time defined “Sliding sunroof”. Brilliant idea but it will take twenty years to establish itself as a fashion industry.


We are at the forefront of innovation: globalisation and specialization, new targets and market segmentation. Today RIO YACHTS, guided by Piergiorgio Scarani, becomes a trend for motorboats Italian Style.
From gliders to the prestigious boats made in wood, all plastic heat-formed boats, to modern cruisers in fibreglass.
The fascinating story of a business, that in fifty years of existence, has created schooling of Italian Style world-wide.

2011 represent for RIO YACHTS an historical moment: not just about celebrating the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the shipyard, but there comes a defining moment of the transfer Headquarter.

The reference market band now goes from 10 to 20 meters, changing from a medium-high to the high ranking, It takes possession of the luxury.

Born new projects, more and more unique and distinctive, more symbols than models: new stylistic and dictations traits that will be imposed for the next productions Rio Yachts