Nerea Yacht

making art

Nerea Yacht, is a young Italian yachting company based on the significant experience and mastery of Dario Messina. Nerea Yacht is a real nautical laboratory where every new craft becomes a unique piece as if it were a work of art.

Signed by the Italian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of ideaeITALIA, born from a creative idea and built with the collaboration of an extraordinary technical team, Nerea’s productions are highly personalized yachts, made with the attentive care, stylistic research and production features of tailor-made garments, to become bespoke creations.

How to reach Nerea Yacht

Early 2000s: just in his twenties, having a very dynamic personality, Dario moves from where he was born, in Trapani, on the island of Sicily, to reach the Marche region where some friends introduce him to the yachting business.

In 2003 he starts working for the most respectable shipyards in the area (Dominator, Cayman, Pershing-Ferretti Group); he works very hard for a few years and, day by day, he gains a remarkable experience in all the different boatbuilding techniques and processes (carpentry, plumbing, painting…).

At the beginning of 2008, on the basis of the strong know-how he’s gained and willing to achieve his full potential, he decides to start running his own business and to offer his expertise to Pershing as a main supplier. He gets his very first contract for the assembly of a yacht line and immediately earns the confidence of the company’s management. Soon his contracts increase in number and importance. He becomes a real entrepreneur.

In the meantime, Besenzoni Spa, the leader company specialized in the design and construction of technological components for pleasure yachts, assigns some important service works to Dario who continues to gain the trust of all the people concerned.The economic crisis that begins in 2008 – exactly when Dario starts his own business, now Argomarine – hits heavily the yachting industry. Despite the difficulties, Dario doesn’t give up and focuses all his efforts on service and refitting works mainly for the Ferretti Group and Besenzoni’s clients.

A slow and gradual economic recovery starts in 2010, as a direct consequence the yachting production increases again. Dario obtains new contracts from the Ferretti Group, in particular for very important works on the Custom Line ships which are built in La Spezia.
2010 is a very important year also for Dario family wise, in fact, he marries his wife Giulia and soon after they have three wonderful daughters: Chiara, Mia and Mariasole.

Thanks to Dario’s marked skills and initiative, the company grows and obtains more and more credibility to become one of the Ferretti Group’s strategic partners, involved in the assembly and production of yacht models for different brands – Custom Line, Pershing, Riva – both on the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Coasts.

The latest ten years of experience as entrepreneur represent a fundamental step for Dario who, despite his young age, is extremely determined to carry on ambitious projects, making great effort in everything he does. Now, Dario feels ready to fulfill his dream and build his own “tailor-made” boat: he wants to create something that arises emotions, reflecting his own personality, a very fascinating, technological and innovative object of superior quality. Under the new NEREA YACHT brand, the NY24 day cruiser takes shape.

Passion and creativity mark the NY24 exquisite design. The care and attention in the selection of materials, together with the Italian excellence, make her a unique and iconic creation.