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In perfect continuity with its history, Cantiere Navale Franchini proposes with project «MIA» a «Boat – Program» Starting from a complete and technically flawless base, the Owner, among a series of modules, chooses the most suitable to him to realize the boat he has in mind. These packages are called «UP» elements, perfectly engineered, which are added to the base platform, a hull of 18 meters (60 feet) that with the swimming platform reaches 19 meters (63 feet) and is offered in four versions: OpenBimini TopT-TopHard Top.

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Franchini Yachts

The vision of Massimo Franchini

Franchini Yachts aim project is let me to design a range of motoryachts tuned to the spirit of the times, full of innovation and technology, to ferry Franchini Shipyard in the 4.0 (four point zero) boating industry without departing from the principles of style and harmony of the shapes that I always pursued and representing my true roots.

When I decided to go back to design I had in mind the success of “Emozione 55” and, at the same time, my need to propose an “emotional evolution”, a contemporary interpretation of the concept of motoryacht, of its livability, of its seaworthiness, proposing to achieve ambitious goals in all these areas.

With the firm intention of winning this new challenge I defined a concept featuring taut lines and slender dihedral that subtend generous volumes for a high interior room, while maintaining the low and slender sheer line. The concept is a modular boat that starts from a basic platform we called “I-BOAT”, technically flawless and fully functional, that the customer can complete with a wide range of versions, the «UP-BOAT », which the customer can choose freely. Fully complying all the safety requirements the Franchini Shipyard provides the widest warranty on the highest quality standards.

In this way, every single owner can express his personality in a boat that fully represents him and perfectly responds to his tastes and expectations realizing his new Franchini.

Massimo Franchini

Cantiere Franchini

The history of Cantiere Franchini takes place since 70 years and starts from a small craft yard built on the harbour of Riccione thanks to the determination of the master carpenter Michele Franchini, aka «Guido», who in 1946 decided to set up his own activity of construction of small fishing boats and boats at the service of the emerging seaside tourism.

In this construction site in 1968, almost by chance, «Guido» Franchini started another company with Norberto Ferretti, who later gave life to one of the largest groups in the world of boating.

In 1977 his son Massimo, just graduated in architecture, joined the company and, without renouncing his handicraft roots, transformed it into a modern boatyard for the production of deep blue sailboats, appreciated all over the world. In 2004, Massimo designed and produced Emozione 55, all over recognized as the most elegant «lobster boat» in the Mediterranean.

From the exclusive production of magnificent sailing boats, Franchini Shipyard went on producing timeless motoryachts not neglecting the technological aspects and the importance of the research that will bring it, in 1996, to use, first in Europe, the SCRIMP (Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process), the technology of vacuum infusion of fiberglass for the production of hulls and superstructures, revolutionizing forever the way of producing boats in full respect of the environment with the highest quality standards.