FIM (Factory Italian Motorboats): Yachts inspired by passion

We build boats taking care of every processing stage: from the design to the choice of materials to the outfitting.

We create Made in Italy yachts involving the best Italian craftsmen.

We specialize in realizing custom-built yachts that embody the top qualities of the nautical field.

How to reach FIM

FIM logo

FIM story

Corrado Piccinelli has been operating in the maritime services sector since 1999. He offers twenty years of experience in boat refit, new production, and maintenance, gained alongside the leading shipyards.

Together with Manuela Barcella, they realize the desire to found the FIM shipyard and create their fleet.

Paolo Ferragni has supported the team from the very beginning as a yacht designer. For him, every project is a fascinating challenge with a single goal: to combine design and performance and guarantee the quality of the final product.

FIM has carved out the perfect space within a market full of established companies from the very beginning. Thanks to rapid growth, an important investor partner, Vannis Marchi, co-founder of the well-known fashion brand Liu Jo, has joined the team. He supports the shipyard’s choices with entrepreneurial wisdom and refined aesthetic taste.

Mission, vision and manfesto

We embrace elegance and performance by combining luxury with sportiness and the Italian Dolcevita with sea enthusiasm.

We express the Italian style, guaranteeing the standards of quality and beauty admired all over the world.

  • Passion: we succeed because we love what we do.
  • Synergy: we build boats that deserve to be truly experienced, thanks to the interaction between innovation and seaworthiness.
  • Care: we take care of our clients at every stage – from initial consultancy to after-sales assistance.