Ecoline Marine

Completely customized yachts and superyachts take shape from the pencils of some of the most talented designer in the world,
therefore the results  are unique and unrepeatable

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Ecoline Marine

Il Progetto

The initiative consists in the design and production of eco-sustainable boats with a global vision, that is to say, to realize each component of each boat with the aim of optimizing the performance intended not only as an end-to-itself speed, but focused on reliability, on the protection of the marine and urban environment, on the economy of management and use, on comfort and why not on aesthetics.

The project is based on highly innovative construction logics involving every aspect of the boat, from the living work to optimize navigability and consumption economy, to the positioning and balancing of the weights, to the quality of the materials used, naturally to the modality of propulsion which, together with the hull and its layout, are absolute novelties in the nautical sector.

The first models, both hybrid and electric, were presented at some international boat shows such as the Cannes Festival de la Plaisance, the Green Mobility Show in Venice, the Lode Na Vode Boat Show in Prague, the Navigami Expo in Milan, the Electric & Hybrid Marine Word in Amsterdam, the Locarno Boat Show and the Portofino Eco Mobility Flash Mob, the latter on the occasion of the inauguration of the protected area of Portofino, Santa Margherita and Rapallo.

The boatyard has already built, tested, homologated and sold boats in this types of models :

  • ECO 800 HYBRID LIMOUSIN (8.13 x 2.66 m)
  • ECO 800 HYBRID TENDER (8.13 m x 2.66 m)
  • ECO 800 ELECTRIC BIMOTOR (8.13 m x 2.66 m)
  • ECO 900 ELECTRIC (9,10 x 2,35 m) 

Novelty coming in 2019 :

  • ECOLUX 850 HYBRID (8.13 m x 2.70 m)

In the design phase:

  • ECO 600 ELECTRIC BIMOTOR (6.60 x 2.35 m)
  • ECO 600 HYBRID (6.60 x 2.35 m)
  • ECO 33 HYBRID (9.99 x 3.40 m)

    Hybrid Boat

    The characteristics of the innovation are particularly in the propulsion and in the program that manages it; in fact, they consist of a medium-power turbodiesel ENGINE with reduced emissions which allows a good cruising speed with absolutely low fuel consumption and an ELECTRIC MOTOR that allows you to navigate in “PURE ELECTRIC” mode at a pleasant and relaxing speed.

    During moments of maximum propulsion power demand, the BOOSTER function allows adding the power of the internal combustion engine to the power of the electric motor.

    The GENERATOR function allows you to charge the batteries using the energy generated by the electric motor during the operation phases of the internal combustion engine.

    The energy storage system for powering the electrical module has been realized by using batteries with LI-PO (Lithium-Polymer) cells, thus managing to contain the adequate energy in weight and reduced space.

    The scheme of the motorization indicates the conformation of the engines and the transmission in AXIS LINE; for transmission with STERNDRIVE the gearbox is replaced by a gimbal connected directly to the sterndrive.                       

    Electric Boat

    Innovative and ingenious, without any doubt also original, the propulsion system in PURE ELECTRIC; the casing that carries the propeller, which can be called STERNDRIVE, contains not only the conical couple that transmits the motion to the propeller, but also the package of the electronic management system in addition to the electric motor, elements that are cooled directly for continuous immersion in water.

    The rotation of the stern drive connected to the rudder allows to make turns in small spaces; the electric motor is connected to a display on the dashboard that indicates the data (temperatures, engine revolutions, percentage of remaining battery power, consumption, etc.); the electric motor is connected to the group of lithium batteries with high power LI-PO cells.

    To conclude this brief presentation we believe it is right to underline the focal points that characterize this initiative:

    • Implement a type of innovative propulsion applicable to any type of boat in respect of the marine and urban environment
    • Maximum cost-effectiveness of management and use
    • Demonstrate and highlight once again the technological potential of Italian entrepreneurship with totally Italian products and components