Custom Yachts

Completely customized yachts and superyachts take shape from the pencils of some of the most talented designer in the world,
therefore the results  are unique and unrepeatable

How to reach custom YACHTS


You may have never thought about it, but the boat is like a suit that the owner must be able to wear perfectly. To fulfill your wishes, as well as understand the customer’s needs, Custom Yacht proposes itself as a real naval tailor able to design, engineer and produce boats from scratch, based exclusively on the owner’s preferences. Yachts and superyachts, in steel-aluminum or just in aluminum, forged down to the smallest detail exactly like tailor-made suits, therefore 100% custom.

Building customizable boats from bow and stern means understanding and grasping the owner’s lifestyle through an exquisitely tailored approach and highly artisanal sensitivity. Only in this way is it possible to create the yacht that suits the customer and how the customer wants it.

The owner has the opportunity to choose between four great internationally renowned designers – Sergio Cutolo (Hydro Tec), Marco Casali, Giovanni Ceccarelli and Michele Dragoni – to whom he can entrust the creation of his favorite outfit. The owner chooses the “stylist” who is closest to his tastes and from that moment the gestation of a yacht that will become unique and unrepeatable begins.

Welcome, therefore, to the prestigious Custom Yacht tailor’s shop, where boats are sewn on like perfect clothes. Moreover,  for an owner there is no better suit than his boat.