a true change of course

Cetera create watercraft for those who live for the sea. And it is the very sea that inspired us to achieve something that is as simple as it is unique and uncompromising. Many call it a revolution, we call it Multispace. We have consciously chosen not to follow the current. The result is a yacht that, through our innovative concept, rises above mere trend and luxury. A vessel that can make every single second precious, one that is appointed with attention to every last detail, from design to performance, ensuring that those who live for the sea can truly feel free. We are proud to introduce ourselves. This is us, our ideas, our passion. We are Cetera.

How to reach Cetera

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“There’s a place in Bacoli that is much more than a shipyard. It’s a place where engineers and shipbuilders come together, brilliant minds and highly capable hands that share a true love for the sea. It’s a place that is devoted to construction, innovation and to meeting challenges. This place is called Fiart.”.
Thanks to the font of expertise at the Fiart shipyard and technical innovation of the best designers and engineers, our projects took shape. And, it was there that the concept of Multispace came to life through the work of skillful hands, vigilant eyes and brilliant minds. A forum for dialogue and continual growth, which enabled us to build an unprecedented yacht.

When we came up with the concept of Cetera, we thought of it as an evolution from the classic cruising yachts. Thanks to the innovative Multispace layout, we succeeded in creating a new yacht category, which represents a major breakthrough in terms of design, comfort and efficiency. In fact, Cetera 60′ offers 146 sqm/1572 sq. ft. of space, 30 sqm/323 sq. ft. more as compared to yachts of the same size. This achievement was possible by efficiently reorganizing the existing space. It is the result of the team effort by engineers, designers and many other professionals who share the very same passion: a true love for the sea.