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Founded in 1979, the Zar Formenti boatyard has a long tradition and meticulous craftsmanship in manufacturing inflatable rubber boats.
Today the ZAR range of boats by Formenti is sold in all major European markets.

The company growth and the success of its product are the result of a precise strategy focused on quality rather than quantity, investments in R&D, the use of the best aterials, advanced technology and a modern, well-organized production facility. All workplaces are air-conditioned.
Developed and improved over the years, the company’s quality system was awarded ISO 9002 certification by the Italian Mercantile Registry.

The most advanced IT together with a powerful, refined 3D software have been introduced in the years 2000. Today, the entire range of prototypes, of the moulds, of full size and on scale models is produced by CNC (computer numerical control) machines, which guarantee the sharpest precision.

Future is already there at ZAR-FORMENTI thanks to the research and development of cutting edge, nvironmental-friendly materials and production practices.


Quality of life on board: space, comfort and safety are the result of great attention to details: grab-handles for all passengers, no projections that could cause injuries, water-tight seals, vent wing on the windscreen, ergonomic seats, modular lay-out of spaces.

Quality manufacture: all details taken care of down to the smallest parts: double joint covers on the pneumatic elements, seals under metal parts, self-locking screws and nuts (no tear-off rivets). Top quality materials and meticulous workmanship.

Project and Technology

Maths calculations, simulations, the definition of water lines take shape in the model of the hull.
The result is the fi rst boat prototype, which is tested and improved until it reaches the standards of the project: safety, comfort and performance, in order.
Tests are carried out in the most different sea and weather conditions: the results help to defi ne the space and the volume of the deck, which must be manufactured according to the barycenter
as well as the static and dynamic balance of the boat under any condition and at any speed.

Once the virtual project is perfectly defined, huge five axis milling machines with computer numerical control (CNC) give shape to the real boat: cut
after cut they drill, plane and refi ne a big piece of a particular resin called “chocolate”.

Through an accurate polishing, the magic touch of handwork finishes up the fi nal prototype, from which the moulds will be obtained.
Once the prototype is fi nished and the moulds are ready, it is the turn of the boatyard: moulding, tubulars, gluing, scuttlebutts, pillows.

A skilled production management takes control in order to balance refined craftsmanship with advanced technology.