Ranieri International

Ranieri International born in Soverato around the end of the 60s producing boats and inflatable boats. The shipyard Ranieri International is the artisan creation inspired to perfection together with made in Italy

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Ranieri International

The  history of the Ranieri International started in Soverato, Calabria, in the late  1960s, when Pietro, the older of the Ranieri brothers – supported by his  innate passion for engines – opened a small motorcycle repairing business:  shortly thereafter he started to sale and repair marine engines and small boats  as well.
Driven  by his passion and the support of his brothers, Pietro began the production of  fiberglass boats until 1970 when he transformed a small business into the first  structured company of the Ranieri Group: MOTONAUTICA F.LLI RANIERI

The Transformation

Over  the course of a few years, boating became more and more popular thanks to a  naturally social and political evolution worldwide, so the small boats built by  Motonautica F.lli Ranieri.
“Our  passion is renewed every time we drop the anchor and is strengthened at every  wave we encounter, every mile we sail; each model is designed to gift boaters  with an extraordinary experience. And we challenge the time while doing  it”.
With  this mission in mind and the ability to combine beauty, technique, and  craftsmanship, Motonautica F.lli Ranieri has reached our days: but most of all  it gradually combined the technological development of its models with the  evolution of the design, as an excellent expression of Made in  Italy.


Today, Pietro Ranieri still personally follows every step of the production process managed by his two sons, Salvatore and Antonio: in these days, the three of them together supervise production as well as deal directly with all the commercial, legal and administrative side of the business.

Over the years, the company has chosen to leave the heart of the production in Soverato, with a production area of over 380,000sq.ft. In addition to that, they have developed a facility by the sea of approx 130,000sq.ft.
The key points of their success are the incredible attention to every single detail and the combination of technical expertise and work experiences given by a life spent in the business,
The combination of these factors has led us to manufacture in-house about 80% of our products’ components, allowing us to keep the quality control at the top.

The new generation of Ranieri International

The generational change has renewed the enthusiasm and has given a new marketing vision: to improve the perception of the brand and to expand the range of boats through qualitative and technological investments of new materials, production processes, regulatory aspects.  
The new strategies led in 2008 to the creation of a new Family Brand, Ranieri International, through which the company launched a range of new products with international features: inflatable boats (CAYMAN line, launched in 2014), and a new generation of boats (NEXT line, launched in 2016).