Fabiani Yacht

Fabyani Yacht: Innovatibe solutions Fabiani Yacht has a choice like few others. In fact, it decided to not design boats considered homologated by the


a true change of course Cetera create watercraft for those who live for the sea. And it is the very sea that inspired us


FIM (Factory Italian Motorboats): Yachts inspired by passion We build boats taking care of every processing stage: from the design to the choice of

Nerea Yacht

making art Nerea Yacht, is a young Italian yachting company based on the significant experience and mastery of Dario Messina. Nerea Yacht is a

Nimbus Boats

Feel the Difference How to reach nimbus boats Envelope Facebook Facebook-messenger Instagram Nimbus t11 Sea Trial Prova Prueba Essai Website Video Nimbus C11 Sea

Clear Marine

Clear Italian Design How to reach clear marine Envelope Facebook Facebook-messenger Libra cabin 750 Review Recensione Reportaje Revue sea trial prova prueba essai magazine

Ryck Yachts

 Welcome to RYCK — the new, cool boat brand from Germany! We are different, we are stylish, fast, and safe. And we build boats

Cantieri Gagliotta

In 2009 Gagliotta produced the first Lobster model. It’s the Gagliotta Lobster 35. The combination of a compact concept, but with sinuous and modern

Vandutch Yachts

Cantiere del Pardo The history of Cantiere del Pardo began in Bologna in 1973. Their ambitious objective was to produce regatta boats that combined


People are Fiart’s most valuable asset. We are passionate about our work and always ready to accept new challenges, because we know that great

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