The world’s leading manufacturer of custom-made luxury catamarans Sunreef Yachts is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of luxury sailing and power multihulls. Each

Ice Cat

ICE Yachts is a sailing yacht shipyard specialized in producing high performances sail and custom/semi custom yachts with highest finishing level and innovate solutions.


In all of our projects we look for the ‘Essence’ of boat building, which often incorporates two fundamental aspects: the functional the emotional. How

Itacatamarans s.r.l.

Elegance, Comfort, Sportiness. Three different souls for an innovative hull, conveyed by elegant and dynamic lines. How to reach itacatamarans Envelope Facebook-messenger Instagram Facebook

Catana Catamarans

Catana Catamarans, performance by nature, the ultimate experience in speed. Every component is designed for sailing fast. Catana Catamarans are built using foam sandwich

Bali Catamarans

Bali Catamarans :The new way of living and navigating in open space, the most successful catamarans in their class. How to reach Bali catamarans