Itacatamarans s.r.l.

Elegance, Comfort, Sportiness. Three different souls for an innovative hull, conveyed by elegant and dynamic lines.

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Itacatamarans s.r.l.

A work of high naval engineering, born from the vision to combine Italian elegance and attention to detail with the best and most advanced international technology. 14.99 is the first project created by ITACATAMARANS: a multihull of excellence, technologically sophisticated, safe and comfortable, redefining the world of catamarans

Sail Plan

The Sail Plan is representative of ITA14.99’s design: modern, elegant and efficient. A fractional rig was setup for ease to single-handle or with a reduced crew. With the boat’s displacement, the self tacking jib and square top mainsail are enough to power the catamaran. Moreover, with ITA14.99 creating her own wind, the apparent wind is almost always upwind thus the self tacking jib the perfect foresail. The high aspect ratio of the sails make them more efficient for the same area. With light breeze we recommend to furl the jib and use a Code 0 which will power the boat faster than wind and get your pulse rising! The design of the mast foresees two exits at the top to have an halyard also ready for downwind sail.


Sustainability, a philosophy vigorously pursued by ITACATAMARANS, which finds its ultimate expression in the innovative solutions adopted on ITA’s 14.99 catamaran. Thanks to the important partnership with OCEANVOLT, Finnish global leader in electric propulsion for pleasure boats, ITA 14.99 is sustainable, clean and self-sufficient energy-wise. The lithium batteries are recharged during sailing through the same propellers and a system of solar panels can work in parallel to generate the required energy. Furthermore, ITA 14.99 is equipped with a SCHENKER disalter which uses  “Energy Recovery System”, a  new patented device that amplifies the normal pressure of low-pressure pumps and recovers all the return hydraulic energy from the membranes, allowing for a reduction of power consumption up to 80%. ITACATAMARANS’ goal is to offer a high quality product with superior innovative content and excellent service every day of the year, without compromising in any way aspects of sustainability and safety