In all of our projects we look for the Essence of boat building, which often incorporates two fundamental aspects: the functional the emotional.

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This is a challenging process in which it is difficult to differentiate the contemporary necessity – from frivolous abstract. This keeps us constantly observing, and researching to find that harmony. When we can achieve that balance, the results speak for themselves.

A long process that goes beyond nautical design; embracing various areas of design and architecture, because whatever you are realising – a boat, a home or an object – it is still aimed at people who are looking for both functionality and emotion.

In nautical design in particular functionality includes the search for most suitable technology, safety, seaworthiness, and comfortable space. Differing from the emotion, which is what the boat communicates to the client without a filter, so that the deep understanding you achieve is immediate.
Functionality needs to work in harmony with the aesthetics: We obtain this by creating an aesthetically perfect object.

We could then move on to searching for beauty within functionality.

Most importantly functionality, which is also fundamental to project efficiency, cannot side-line innovation, that innovationwhich lies within our culture: the nautical culture which has been built by years of experience and collaboration between the architects and engineers of our team.

Innovation is not about inventing something totally new, but is an evolutionary process that improves the quality of our products.

To enable innovation, thereby allowing the creative act to emerge, one vital ingredient is essential and that is passion. Indeed, a great passion is needed, combined with constant in-depth scientific study.

The unification and harmonisation of the above concepts is what we seek within the design process thereby maximising the sailing performances of our boats.