Ubi Maior

Ubi Maior: Sail Bloks – Deck Hardware – Custom Projects

UBI MAIOR ITALIA® combines the newest production techniques combined with time tested traditions and the experience of highly skilled professionals who have made their passion for sailing into a life’s work.

UBI MAIOR ITALIA® designs and produces first-class sailing deck equipment according to exceptionally high quality standards. Our aim is to design and manufacture highly functional elements that ensure the easy management and optimal performance of your boat, thanks to the reliability and long lasting quality of our products. The close collaboration between our Company Divisions, which are all located in a single plant, has allowed us to create a wide range of products and custom made designs for every boat type in only few years. Each block, sheave, furler or connector is produced in our plant using the most advanced machinery and software, and is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality control system. All of our products are manufactured by the mechanical processing of only the highest grade structural materials.

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