How to reach OSCULATI

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Have you ever stopped and observed the incredible multitude of accessories installed on a boat?

If yes, you will have certainly noticed that most of them bear the brand Osculati, the modern Italian multinational company of marine accessories.

However, only few people know that, beyond its great logistic effort, Osculati studies, designs, engineers and manufacturers many of the accessories it sells.

We have gone snooping around exactly where accessories are born in order to see and tell you how they are made and how their quality is controlled before they get our boats.

Osculati : The Italian multinational company of marine accessor

Alberto Osculati, Executive Director and member of the Osculati family’s third generation active in the business, welcomes us warmly at the the famous Segrate-based headquarters.  Kind and helpful, Alberto will show us every single department composing the technical production cycle of the company.

Osculati has been manufacturing and selling boat and yacht accessories since 1958. Today, it is the leading company in Italy and one among the major players in the marine accessory market both at European and international level.

The company boasts two head offices in Segrate and Lucca and a total warehouse and production area of 18,000 square meters. Their catalogue, of biblical proportions we could say, includes 22,000 references, 7,000 of which are products engineered and manufactured in-house.

These first incredible figures allow to meet the incessant demands of over 5,000 professional customers all around the world (60% of which are Aftermarket and 40% OEM) as well as many shipyards and a good number of private clients that, every day, choose Osculati.


Engineering and Design

The first leg of our journey is the first floor of the operational headquarters of the company. The building consists exclusively of offices and, almost as a symbol of its central role within the decision-making process, it rises in the midst of the four warehouses that compose the production site of Segrate; the building, in fact, is also home to the design department.

Behind the real conceptual birth of products, there are experts specialized in various fields that range from engineering to design. The different skills allow to design, develop and manufacture products with a complete expert eye.

We take the opportunity to ask Alberto how important in-house engineering is to be competitive in the marine accessory sector.

It would make no sense not to have it because boat manufacturers represent 40% of our activity and working for them means proposing some solutions. Without in-house expertise, we couldn’t do that. Of course, these competences are also transferred to Aftermarket products in order to improve and make easier yachtsmen’s experience”.

Here, in addition to Osculati-brand products, other accessories of the catalogue are equally finished. The department is, in fact, a real meeting point between the company and its external suppliers. This makes possible that every accessory in the catalogue is definitively functional and, as insiders tell us, with ” the distinguishing mark of Osculati brand”.

Between desks, where engineers design their products, we notice an area dedicated to 3D printing technology. It is used to test, in real time, the solutions that are designed every day. They explain that the possibility to have the results of their calculations available often helps to fully analyze product functionality.

The detailed

analysis of the products made by the printer leads us to ask Alberto an other question, that is whether design and functionality are closely related or independent from each other.

We certainly consider them as concepts related to each other. First, we focus on product function, then we try to ensure that this function becomes true and, finally, we put our heart into it: we’re Italian, so products must be beautiful, too!”

Before continuing our tour in the next department, we get a secret. Engineers confess that they often turn to Mario Osculati, the patron of the company, to receive some useful advice as the fruit of his personal 10-year experience. Indeed, we notice that the office of the company’s “helmsman” is not far from this department.

Production and assembly

Our journey continues in the department dedicated to product production and assembly. To do that, we only have to walk a few meters and reach the imposing warehouse 2.

Here, the manufacturing department is fully equipped and has all the machinery necessary to “forge” new accessories. The area is divided in two compartments; on one side, workers process the parts that will compose finished products; on the other, their colleagues assembly them.