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How to reach ewincher

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ELECTRIC MODE: for maximal assistance, the Ewincher motor does all the work
MANUAL MODE: to adjust the setting, like with a standard handle.
COMBINED MODE: for exceptional trimming speed.

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The electric motor enables you to winch effortlessly. You just need to press the trigger located on the Palm Grip and to keep the handle static. Two functions enable optimal control of the trimming speed: Variable speed: you can control and modify the trimming speed with the tip of your finger. The trigger on the Palm Grip is pressure sensitive, offering a speed range from 0 to 100 rpm. The more you press, the faster you winch! Choosing between high or low winch speed (reversal of rotation): most winches are equipped with 2 speeds. When you winch anti-clockwise, you use the high speed of the winch, but when you winch clockwise, you use the low speed. Ewincher enables you to winch, using the high or low speed of the winch, by reversing its rotation. Whatever winch speed you use (high or low), you can always control the trimming speed and vary it, thanks to the trigger on the Palm Grip. Setting high or low winch speed can be done in two ways:

By pressing the second button which is located under the Palm Grip knob. With a 1/2 turn of the Ewincher around the winch, in the direction required for winching. This function is very user-friendly; as soon as you start using Ewincher, we recommend watching our video tutorial for concrete application.


Ewincher has the same shape and length as a standard handle, which is for a specific reason: it can be used as a standard handle. All that is needed for this purpose is to hold down the button under the knob and to winch as usual. 
You then have exactly the same sensations as with a standard handle. This is particularly useful when you wish to do a fine setting manually, or just for feeling the tension in your ropes. No need to change the handle; you already have a standard handle at your finger tips.


The combined mode consists in using the electric mode, so instead of maintaining the handle still, you winch at the same time. You then reach unequalled trimming speed. This mode is most useful at the start of a manoeuvre, when there is little tension in your ropes and you need to winch very quickly. Discover the three modes of use in our video tutorial.