The Virtual Boat Show is a website capable of gathering all the information related to a yacht: sea trials, reviews, virtual tours, videos and links to the shipyard’s web and social pages. The Virtual Boat Show is also an innovative and international tool. Users, in fact, can read both the sea trials and most of content in their native language, clicking on the specific flag that gives free access to the publications of the five international magazines of the group.

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Marina di Varazze

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Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander creates revolutionary ideas, astonishing beauty and luxury — never compromising its high engineering principles. Ocean Alexander has built its early


Kufner Yachts

Kufner Yachts are built with extreme care and in semi-custom mode, in order to offer great liveability and unsuspected sailing performance. The



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The word navigation has never been so appropriate. The Virtual Boat Show of The International Yachting Media was actually created with the aim of allowing shipowners to navigate inside this big virtual boat show looking for their favorite yacht.

The Virtual Boat Show is a real aggregator of multimedia contents that collects all the information, many of which in absolute preview, relating to the models produced by shipyards, and makes them available to users inside an elegant and extraordinarily interactive container.

Starting from the homepage, through a quick, simple and intuitive navigation, the reader can reach the selected shipyard page and find all the boats, illustrated in a clear and exhaustive way by our editorial staff through articles that tell the sea trials, virtual tours that allow the user to explore the boat and better understand its features, spectacular videos, suggestive pics, boat data sheets, links that drive to the official Instagram pages of the shipyards, and the convenient email function to request a direct contact.

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The International Yachting Media Boat Show is made up to collect several different sections: Motor Yachts, Maxi Ribs and Open Boats, Sailing Yachts, Catamarans, Inflatable and Boat Supply, a section in which producers of boating accessories and nautical services are present.

A menu full of options, a full digital immersion that goes beyond the classic concept of multimedia platform or simple online showcase: the Virtual Boat Show is a real online boat show where readers can get the infos they are looking for.

On this website you also have the opportunity to read The International Yachting Media Digest articles. A browsable digital magazine that show in a very photographic way, sailing boats, superyachts or maxi ribs. A real proof of the great interconnection between the Virtual Boat Show and the digital quarterly magazine.

A web portal where boat owners have the never seen before opportunity to discover, just in a click and with their own eyes, all the models they are looking for even before going to visit them physically. A website where who already own a yacht can compare his boat with the one of his desires, or where he may choose the ideal supply for his boat.

Our website represents an innovative form of communication, based on 360-degree multimedia approach. That’s why the word navigation has never been so appropriate.

Are you ready to sail on the boat of your dreams?

The International Yachting Media is the reference point for boating in the world

If you are reading our magazine – which, we remember, is the only free yachting media in the world – for the first time, you will immediately notice the pureness and spectacularity of images and videos.

Don’t be surprised if, leafing through our magazine, pictures will come to life, some words in the text will be hyperlinks and the index will be interactive; The International Yachting Media Digest is, as all our products, technological and innovative.

The International Yachting Media Digest

The International Yachting Media Digest is free from the space constraints imposed by paper, can still move its readers with double-page pictures and a narration that can enable boat owners to fully understand not only the opinion but also the emotions of the journalist.

Yachting Media

Yachting Media is the worlds most widely read boating magazine. Whit its portal It broadcast its original contents in four languages and in more than 200 countries in the world developing 950,000 views a week. The web portal is the main source of information for yacht and boat owners, the place where they can find anything about their boating passion.

If you’re looking for advices on how to keep your sailboat, a tutorial on how to do the “fishermans knot”, to sale your boat or even the closest port to your needs, you came to the right place.

One of the most visited areas is our online boating magazine where, every day, we publish articles that reflect all boat owners interests. Not only press releases about the launch of new boats but also sea trials of super yachts, sailbots or maxiribs and the corresponding reviews (not always positive), how-to articles and useful tutorials for navigation, insights to boat shows, travel stories and diaries.

Fair wind from the staff of The International Yachting Media

Yachting Media Magazine speaks about us

Virtual Boat Show : the digital revolution is Covid-proof

The recent cancellation of the Cannes Yachting Festival after the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in France has unfortunately shown how digital tools are today the only possible, reliable and safe alternative to the traditional information- boat visit- purchase process.

It is therefore no surprise that the Virtual Boat Show by The International Yachting Media, launched just over two months ago, has already registered 250,000 visits.

When we decided to create our virtual boat show, we wanted a system capable of offering much more than a virtual boat tour. We therefore built a portal capable of gathering, on a single web page, all the information necessary for the owner to make an informed choice: sea trials, publications about the model selected, virtual tours, videos and links to the shipyard’s web and social pages” –

states Luca D’Ambrosio, the creator of Virtual Boat Show

But it was not enough. We wanted the reader to have the possibility to book a confidentia, and therefore safe, visit on board the boat or, more simply, to come into direct contact with the shipyard, without any intermediation. A perfect system, both to enjoy a boat show with all the precautions needed and not to miss the novelties in the event that events are cancelled”.

The Virtual Boat Show is an innovative and international tool. Users, in fact, can read both the sea trials and most of content in their native language, clicking on the specific flag that gives access to the publications of the five international magazines of the group.

Six theme sections for the Virtual Boat Show

The Virtual Boat Show, whose navigation is fast and easy, is made up of six large sections: Motorboats, Maxi Rib, Sailing yachts, Catamarans, Inflatable boat and Boat Supplies. The latter gathers the world’s top nautical equipment manufacturers as well as some prestigious and equipped marinas.

Furthermore, this full digital immersion experience offers the opportunity to read, full-page and without advertising, the amazing sailboat, superyacht and Maxi Rib reviews published on The International Yachting Media Digest, as proof of the significant interconnection between the Virtual Boat Show and our browsable quarterly digital magazine.

In short, a system that can easily cope with the emergencies of the coming months because, we always like to remember that,” Buy a boat, the virus can’t swim“.

Not surprisingly, while the means of transportation, hotels and villages were deserted this summer, the sea was full of boats and yachting has fortunately registered yet another growth.